ZGTS Titanium Dermaroller

The ZGTS Titanium Roller is a professional needle roller mainly focused on body area skin needling, not recmmended for facial needling. ZGTS is great choice if you are looking for a affordable needle roller for a variety of skin conditions. ZGTS Titanium has a nice curved design that's pretty easy to hold and use. It's handle is made of coloured plastic, and roller head holds 192 (or 540) micro needles that are made of titanium alloy,Titanium needles are really tough and durable, so they suit well for needling large areas and thicker skin on thights, back or other body parts.
Main Features
CE certified
In Line Needle Arrangement
Titanium Alloy Needles
Curved  Plastic Handle
192 (or 540) Needle Roller Head
Which size is for you?
0.2/0.25 mm
This is used for daily skin care, sustaining your skin condition and helping preventing future skin blemishes
This size helps eradicate any potholes of dirt or dead tissue you have. Resulting in skin whitening and skin lifting.
0.75/1.0 mm
This is used to treat lighter wrinkles generally on the face around the eyes, eye pouches and strong black heads
This is used for treatment of deeper wrinkles and scar removal. Again it is mostly used on the face (for wrinkles) but can be used all over the body is need be.
2.0/2.5/3.0 mm
This is the strongest size and is used to treat deep scare/ stretch marks and slimming. Please note that the 3.0mm should only be used with care.
How To Use The Rollers ?
1. Beforeperforming the treatment, you must first identify the suitable needle length for use
2. Disinfect the area of skin which will be treated. Then clean the Needle roller ( ideally with medical alcohol) for 10 - 15 minutes. Then wash the the roller with       normal saline.
3.Clean skin, rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Apply suitable skin creams which may help to enchance the results of the needle roller. ( i.e. stretch marks / anti age crerams)
4. Do not force the roller on to your skin, only apply mild pressure
5. Roll 10 times horizontally and vertically at the same intensity . Do not try to punture the skin with the needles. Gently roll over the skin, for approximately 5-8 minutes. Please note that redness of the skin is expected. ( if you have sensitive skin you can apply numbing cream before you begin the treatment)
6. This product can be used repeatedly but is strictly for personal use
ZGTS Dermaroller Overview
Head Type
ZGTS Dermarollers are available with 192 (or 540) needle in 8 line head type only. ZGTS is great choice for fleshier parts of the body. The standard ZGTS dermaroller is 192 needles, also you can get the 540 needles as following pictures:
ZGTS Dermaroller needles are sterilized and made of titanium alloy. Needle thickness is from 0.025 mm from needle tip to 0.3 mm at the thickest part. Available needle lengths vary from 0.25 up to 2.0 mm.
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