Vaginal CO2 fractional Laser

The scope of treatment
  • Contraction the vagina: tightening Rapidly, the persistent tight and narrow can be improved to 60%.
  • Beautify vagina: desalinating pigment, beautifying the labia, and the level of the labia pink can be improved to 70%
  • Moist the vagina: improving secretion, eliminating dryness, and the level of lubrication can be improved to 80%.
  • Nourish the vagina: rejuvenation deeply, prevent aging, and the level of young can be improves to 80% 

  • Wavelength 10600nm
  • Laser Type RF-excited co2 laser
  • Beam Delivery 7-joint arm
  • Optical Beam Quality TEMOO
  • Ower Of The Aiming Beam <5mw
  • Cooling Air Cooling
  • Maximum Output Power 10W-30 W
  • Spot Size 0.12mm
  • Aiming Beam 635nm
  • Laser Operating Mode Ultra Pluse, CW, Fractional
  • Power Supply AC220V50HZ/AC110V60HZ
  • Gross Weight 70KG
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