DepiCool 808nm Diode Laser(DT-DLA)

  • Laser Type: Semiconduct or laser
  • Laser wavelength: 808nm
  • Sapphire size: 10*12mm
  • Energy Density: 1~120j/cm2
  • Pulse width: 10~1400ms
  • Repetition frequency: 0.5~10HZ
  • Cooling System: Sapphire contact cooling style
  • Size: with 2 packages
    Package A: 580*580*1260mm (Machine)
    package B: 580*330*220mm (Handpiece)
  • Net Weight: 60Kg /Gross weight: 85kg
  • Voltage: AC110V/ AC220V (Optional)

4 Characteristics

  • Energy Output: 120J-High- Good effective for any coloring matter
  • Pulse –Width: 1400ms Long- Heating hair follicle, lasting hair removal
  • Big Spot Size: 10*12 mm-Fast and Effective Results
  • Strong Cooling: -5 temperature-Instance cooling skin, safe and comfortable

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